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Outsourced Paraplanning Services

based in Brixham, Devon.


Outsourced Paraplanning Services

based in Brixham, Devon, UK

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   Our services include:


  • Liaising with product providers on your behalf for information.

  • Research into existing plans.

  • New Product / Provider Research.

  • Fund Research.

  • Client Reviews.

  • Obtaining Illustrations/applications.

  • Recommendation Report.

  • Suitability / Reasons Why Letter.


   1.  Full Report Writing Service


  We will complete any research needed and prepare a report/suitability letter on your behalf. This report will then be passed onto you to discuss with your clients.    

  Along with any relevant illustrations, application forms and brochures.


   2.  Report Only Service


   You will provide all information in relation to your clients existing plans, research, your chosen proivder and product, illustrations and from all of this paperwork we

   will then produce the Suitability Report only, based on the information supplied by you.


   3.  Research


   We will carry out a thorough analysis of providers or products and provide a detailed research and analysis report, which can be tailored to your requirements.


   4.  Client Reviews


   We will carry out a thorough analysis of your clients funds and their performance. We will then provide a detailed report, which can be tailored to your



   If we require further information from a provider and you have submitted a Letter of Authority to them previously for each existing plan, then we can

  contact them on your behalf with your permission. Please bear in mind that existing pension and projection paperwork usually takes approximately two    

  weeks for the provider to produce.


  If we need anymore information from you we will contact you. All timescales and cost would be agreed at the outset.